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Are you ethical?

How does that question make you feel?

Defensive? Anxious? Uncertain?

That’s part of the problem.

We may not have a clear understanding of ethics, so we avoid the question altogether. And that’s when we really need to start worrying about our ethics.

Ethics is different from religious morality and more than legal obligation. Ethics is the foundation of trust, the bedrock of relationships, the key to personal and professional success, and the glue that holds communities together.

In short, ethics is the secret recipe for achieving happiness and self-respect.

But there’s no app for being ethical. There’s no rule book and no barometer. That’s because ethics is a mindset, a style of thinking, a way of looking at the world and at ourselves.

That’s what this course offers: an opportunity to discover the underlying principles of ethics and develop the skills and insights to become a more ethically aware and functional human being.

The result will be a more self-confident, more trusted, and more attractive you.

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